Guya Nam banana
Unlike dehydrated bananas, dried bananas have
a particularly pleasant softness.
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We are producer and exporter of bananas and ingredients of Laos origin.
We have developed a range of high-quality organic and conventional products for delicatessen and food industry wholesalers.

Guya Nam bananas

In the Musaceae family there is a wide variety of Musa banana trees. The banana we offer comes from a local variety from the Bolaven plateau in Laos. Called Guya Nam, it is consumed by Laos in the form of crisps or grilled over a wood fire. But it is once dried to full maturity that it reveals its aromatic splendour.
Guya Nam banana

Benefits of solar dried bananas:

Guya Nam banana
Guya Nam banana
Bananas are known for their richness in nutrients and their health benefits, containing many vitamins (B, C, E, K and D) as well as additional minerals. As it dries, the bananas lose water, which is why, for the same amount consumed, the dried banana will become much more concentrated in vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and iron than a fresh banana. While it may seem caloric, it is important not to confuse its energy intake with fat intake. It does not contain any lipids, so fat intake is almost zero. Rich in fiber, one banana provides about five percent of daily nutritional requirements.The sugars, like all fruits, are slow-releasing sugars that provide energy and will not produce an insulin spike or a craving for additional sweets.

We work for the Highest Products Quality

As a producer of organic, conventionally farmed, and Fairtrade bananas in Laos, we have developed strict management and quality control procedures specific to each raw material, in order to ensure the safety of our finished products and satisfy international standards.

Guya Nam banana

Mai savanh© products:

Solar Dried Bananas

The aromatic range of this mini-banana is very wide. There are fruity notes of wild strawberries and pineapple, but also honey and spicy notes close to gingerbread. The final note evokes the aromas of an arranged rum. Its sweet aromas also evoke figs or dried dates as well as candied apricots. Unlike dehydrated bananas, dried bananas have a particularly pleasant softness.

Organic and Fair trade

Organic and Fair trade

Banana Bars

With their naturally sweet flavor, bananas can be eaten on their own to satisfy hunger pangs, offering a quick and convenient snack for all athletes or hikers who need to regain strength quickly. Futhermore, you can cook them into pastries such as banana bread, muffins, homemade cereal bars, granola or by coating them with chocolate.

Organic and Fair trade

Banana fruit leather

This exceptional product can be used for decoration but also in sweet or savory combinations.


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