The vision of Mai Savanh Lao

The vision of Mai Savanh Lao is to build innovative ways to create sustainable income for farmers and poor rural people to give them and their children a chance for a better future.

Maï Savanh Lao | Spices & Ingredients from Laos

We are producer and exporter of pepper, sacha inchi, hibiscus, solar-dried bananas, and ingredients of Laos origin.
We have developed a range of high-quality organic and conventional products for delicatessen and food industry wholesalers.

Maï Savanh Lao is a fair trade company, WFTO certified

Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand
ACT Organic Company Limited
Certificate No. 65-225

Process and quality assurance

Mai Savanh Lao processes and exports raw products from farm to overseas markets while maintaining high standards of cleaning, sorting, grading, and packing. The company uses natural methods to refine the delicate taste of Bolaven pepper and sun-dries it on specially constructed nets while hand-sorting and grading to ensure only the best corns pass quality control checks.

pepper hand sorting

Discover Our Organic Products:

Organic Spices

For the Bolaven Pepper brand we have developed natural methods of refining this delicate spice.

• Bolaven Pepper
• Mack Khen
• Annatto

Organic and Fair trade

Organic Sacha Inchi

Protein, fiber, omega-3, all essential amino acids, antioxydant and much more, that’s what you can find in our Fair Trade products.

• Oil
• Roasted seeds
• Protein powder
• Textured Vegan Protein
• Butter (paste)

Organic and Fair trade

Organic Hibiscus

Various hibiscus-based products are all made from fresh calyxes removed from their seeds and processed in different ways for various culinary purposes.

• Snack
• Whole dried calyxes, powder & tea
• Juice, syrup, jam, jelly, puree
• Hibiscus fruit leather

Organic and Fair trade

Solar Dried Bananas

We add no sugar, using only nature’s nectar from these golden beauties. We bet you can’t eat just one.

• Solar Dried Bananas
• Banana Bars
• Banana fruit leather

Organic and Fair trade

How we created a profitable business while feeding hungry kids?

Take a quick look to our video

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Snacks4Smiles is a prevention-based program aimed to provide proper nutrition to schoolchildren in Laos, particularly those like six-year-old Lissy who dreams of becoming a doctor but lacks enough nutrients and vitamins in their diets due to the high consumption of starchy and nutrient-deplete sticky rice. The program offers a tailor-made snack bar packed with essential ingredients to help these children achieve their dreams and overcome poverty. With every dollar of profit made, a brighter future is possible for a child in need.
Child eating Snacks4Smiles
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